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Realize sustainability goals and improve your corporate image with the power of renewable energy.


Increase profits by lower electricity costs and additional revenues through improved image, billboards and telecoms antennas.


Generate electricity independently on your own premises with a safe and future-proof technology.
Regular Wind Turbines

Green, independent and profitable into the future.

We deliver wind turbines with best-in-class performance, cooperative service and highest safety standards to satisfy our cumstomers needs. With our products, you can hedge your company against rising electricity costs, generate clean electricity independently on your own premises and send out a signal of sustainability to all of your company's stakeholders.

Profitability due to optimized efficiency

We optimized the whole wind turbine on the premise to deliver the best possible economics to our customers.

Compliance with highest safety standards

Our wind turbines are designed in line with the latest German safety regulations.

Demonstrate ecological commitment

Today‘s customers are more concerned than ever before about the environment. With Eovent wind turbines, you can now send out a signal of your ecological commitment.

Silent and emission free

Our turbines are silent and emission free and therefore can be installed in immediate proximity to buildings.
Telecoms Wind Turbines

Combining the needs and advantages of telecoms towers and wind turbines.

You consider the purchase of a small wind turbine or a telecoms tower? Now you can combine both systems and thus reduce the operating cost of a telecoms tower or respectively add an additional source of revenues to your wind turbine.

Additional revenues for land owners

As a regular wind turbine operator or land owner you can rent installation space for mounting antennas to telecoms companies.

Lower operating costs

As a telecoms company you can reduce the amount of purchased electricity and feed surpluses into the grid.
Billboard Wind Turbines

Go green and talk about it.

Benefit from the eye-catching effect of the Eovent billboard wind turbines, which get your customers’ attention due to innovative and harmonic design. Your company will automatically be associated with the responsible use or resources and may establish a reputation as an environmentally conscious and sustainable pioneer.

Additional revenues for land owners

You can install our billboard wind turbines on your premises, for example close to highways or shopping areas, to rent advertising space to other businesses.

Improvement of corporate image

As a landmark of environmental consciousness, Eovent billboard wind turbines will draw more attention of potential customers to your company.

Better economics for billboard towers

Additional costs of the wind turbine module compared to regular billboard towers will pay for itself by reducing electricity purchase and feeding surpluses into the grid.
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Technical specifications

  • Dimensions

  • 29.5m
  • 23.5m
    Hub height
  • 10m
    Rotor diameter
  • 12m
    Rotor height
  • 120m²
    Swept area
  • Design

  • H-Darrieus
    Rotor type
  • 3
    Number of blades
  • GRP
    Material of the blades
  • Concrete/Steel
    Material of the tower
  • Synchronous with gearbox
  • Performance Data

  • 20 kW
    Nominal output
  • 9.3 m/s
    Nominal wind speed
  • 2.5 m/s
    Cut-In wind speed
  • 16 m/s
    Cut-Out wind speed
  • 40,000 kWh
    Annual yield (medium wind conditions)
  • 70,000 kWh
    Annual yield (good wind conditions)

Power Distribution (calculated)

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